Energy Support

If you are feeling tired on a regular basis, lacking energy or finding it difficult to recover from a virus my Energy Reboot Programme is for you. I follow a Functional medicine approach which means I look to address the root cause of your symptoms. In addition I may test your heart rate variability or run a bioenergetic test.

Heart Rate Variability – what is it and why is it important?

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the measure of variation in time between heartbeats and this variation is due to the synergistic action of the two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The sympathetic nervous system accelerates the heart rate and stimulates the ‘fight or flight’ response, while the parasympathetic nerves, slow the heart down and activate the ‘rest, digest and repair’ response.

The two branches of the ANS are continually interacting to maintain cardiovascular activity in its optimal range, whilst adapting to change according to internal and external conditions.

The Heart-Brain Connection

Most of us have been taught that the heart is constantly responding to “orders” sent by the brain in the form of neural signals. However, it is not commonly known that the heart actually sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. This information travels via the vagus nerve and also as a pulse wave, electromagnetically and hormonally. Moreover, these heart signals have a significant effect on brain function – influencing emotional processing as well as higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving. In other words, not only does the heart respond to the brain, but the brain continuously responds to the heart. These effects of heart activity on brain function have been researched extensively and independently over the past 40 years and there is currently a great deal of interest in Heart Rate Variability as an influence on brain activity.


HeartMath research has demonstrated that different patterns of heart activity (which accompany different emotional states) have distinct effects on cognitive and emotional function. During stress and negative emotions, when the heart rhythm pattern is erratic and disordered, the corresponding pattern of neural signals traveling from the heart to the brain inhibits higher cognitive functions. This limits our ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make effective decisions. The heart’s input to the brain during stressful or negative emotions also has a profound effect on the brain’s emotional processes – actually serving to reinforce the emotional experience of stress.

In contrast, the more ordered and stable the pattern of the heart’s input to the brain during positive emotional states has the opposite effect – it facilitates cognitive function and reinforces positive feelings and emotional stability.


This means that learning to generate increased heart rhythm Coherence, by regulating breathing and sustaining positive emotions, not only benefits the entire body, but also profoundly affects how we perceive, think, feel and perform.

I can teach you some simple techniques to transform your stress into resilience, using HeartMath®, a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques. Learning to be “in the moment”, whatever the situation, helping you to be your best self in your social, professional or personal life.

Using the HeartMath® biofeedback app and sensor allows you to see a real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state and learn to adapt to increase your self-awareness and to help you develop the ability to self-regulate your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Bioenergetic Testing

I am always looking to gather information to get to the root cause of any underlying problems you may have. As well as looking at your case history I may run a comprehensive energetic health screen test which enables me to see what’s happening within the body and to assess whether any organ systems are out of balance.

Bio-resonance screening is a non-invasive way to get information from the body by holding two brass hand masses. Tiny changes in the electrical skin resistance of your skin are monitored whilst a series of tests are run in order to get a detailed look at certain aspects of your health to see if it is in balance or stressed.

The combination of good nutrition, supplements, emotional and energetic rebalancing all help keep the body in the best condition possible.

Please note that the Qest4 is not a diagnostic or medical instrument. If you want diagnosis for a specific condition than blood or stool testing can be arranged.

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Suzannah Jackson is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and Health Coach

Qualifications: Nutritional Therapy and Naturopath Dip CNM, Mitochondrial Rescue Practitioner, AFMCP-UK Graduate 2018

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) was set up by the government to protect the public.  All CNHC registrants have agreed to be bound by the highest standards of conduct and they are all professionally trained and fully insured to practise.​

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