Kale Crisps

If you’ve seen kale crisps in health food shops and fancy trying your own, this recipe is for you!


75g cashew nuts (ideally soaked for 2 hours)

1 shallot, chopped

2tbsp nutritional yeast flakes

½ tsp garlic salt

4 soft large dates, chopped

2tbsp lemon juice

2tbsp water

2tbsp apple cider vinegar

250g bag of chopped kale


  1. Blend all the ingredients except the kale until thick. Add a little more water if needed. Remove the stems from the leaves. Place the leaves in a bowl and pour over the sauce. Massage thoroughly with your hands.
  2. Preheat the oven to 150˚C. Spread the kale out in a single layer on a lined baking tray and bake for 15 mins then rotate the tray and continue cooking for a further 10 mins. You may need several baking sheets to avoid the kale overlapping.
  3. Cool for 5 mins on the baking sheet (ideally) eat right away or store in an airtight container (it will keep for about 3-4 days).