Are you suffering with any of these symptoms?

Fatigue Food Intolerances
Brain fog Skin Issues
Diarrhoea Headaches
Constipation Joint Pain
Bloating Unwanted weight loss/ weight gain
Acid reflux Poor sleep

Then the first step to healing is to open your drainage funnel.

Considering all the toxins we pick up from food, water, in the air plus microbes too, it is not surprising that people feel they need to detox. The problem is, that most people want to detox as fast as possible, but the fast approach can backfire and cause a Herxheimer reaction.

It is crucial to support the body’s pathways for toxin elimination first in order to safely remove toxins from the body. Therefore, before starting on a detox it is important to open your drainage funnel first.

The drainage funnel shows the order in which the body moves fluids to remove toxins.

The large intestine or colon is at the bottom of the drainage funnel. If this gets backed up, everything above can become backed up too and this can happen when people are constipated.

Your goal is to have two bowel movements a day and a level 4 on the Bristol Stool Chart. This means well formed, solid and soft.  If you are constipated, you are not efficiently removing toxins and the drainage funnel gets clogged up.

Ways to support regular elimination include:

  • Take bowel-moving herbs like ginger root, aloe vera leaf, cayenne, fennel seed, wormwood.
  • Cellcore’s Bowel Mover is a favourite formulation I like to recommend as it combines these herbs plus others
  • Fibre rich diet. Fibre bulks up the stool and makes elimination easier.                                                  Eg fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Physical activity including gentle exercise such as walking, yoga, qigong may help
  • Dehydration may contribute to constipation so drink plenty of water or herbal tea

Just above the colon in the drainage funnel are the liver and bile ducts.

The liver is like the reservoirs that collect the wastewater from the entire town. The liver works to separate the water and the waste and then the water can be cleaned and sent back to the house for reuse.

As for the waste, the liver filters toxins from the blood and processes them for elimination and these are then deposited in the bile.

If the liver and bile ducts get backed up and the toxin laden bile can’t flow down the drainage funnel and into the bowels, a ‘trapdoor’ opens to release it into the blood stream and the toxic bile acids may end up in other organs such as the kidneys, lungs and skin, causing itchy inflamed skin.

Support the liver with vegetables, especially bitter leafy greens, dandelion, rocket, broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and beets and herbs such as dandelion root, milk thistle, artichoke leaf and ginger.

The next step up is the lymphatic system which includes a network of vessels that drain fluids from body tissues. Unlike the cardiovascular system which has the heart pumping blood round the body, the lymphatics don’t have a pump and that is why movement is so important to get the lymph fluid to flow in order to prevent tissue swelling.

Certain herbs such as burdock root and astragalus, massage,  dry skin brushing, walking, yoga and sauna are all good for lymphatic support.

Cellcores LymphActiv contains essential herbs to support lymphatic drainage.

Next up are organs and tissues. The glymphatic system is the brains lymphatic system which works at night to drain toxins out through the tonsils into the lymphatic system.

And finally the cells are at the top of the drainage funnels. Heavy metals, air pollutants, mycotoxins and pesticides can all accumulate in the cells and these need to be removed too. If they are not removed mitochondrial dysfunction may occur.

Detoxing safely

These organs of drainage are so important. If they are not working properly you cannot go through a deeper detox.

Detox is not a two week juice flush. Detox is pulling toxins that are deep within the cells, out at a safe rate in a systematic way and depending on the toxic load in your body, depends on how long this process can take.

My new programme is designed specifically to clear your drainage pathways for good gut health and increased energy.

The first action in my programme is to remove toxins from your body by opening your internal drainage pathway.                                                                                                                                              An overflowing funnel can lead to problems such as inflammation, leaky gut, mitochondrial dysfunction with symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, skin irritation, bloating, weight gain.

My programme will support you to:

  • Have 2-3 bowel movements a day
  • Get bile flowing
  • Move lymph
  • Support energy and mitochondrial function

Here are some easy ways to get you on your first step to clearing your drainage funnel

Move! Try walking, yoga, qigong  Castor oil packs
Rebounding Have a lovely Epsom salt bath
Lymphatic skin brushing Eat whole fresh food
Enjoy a Sauna Practice your breathwork