Resilience according to the Oxford English Dictionary is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties” or the ability to bounce back after a challenging situation.

Heart math defines resilience as “the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress”.

When you are resilient not only can you bounce back faster from challenging situations but you also have more ability to avoid getting in to those situations in the first place.

Being resilient is like having a fully charged inner battery. You have great ability to remain calm, think clearer and be in control of your emotions

There are 4 primary areas of resilience: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. If we have low energy in one of these areas it can affect the others.

You can learn to manage your energy by building resilience with energy management skills.

The heart rate of a healthy resilient person changes every heart beat –  this is called heart rate variability (or HRV).

HRV is influenced by emotions. Emotions such as anxiety, stress and frustration deplete our energy reserves and show up as an irregular HRV pattern and this is know as being incoherent – sign that the brain and nervous system are out of sync.

On the other hand renewing emotions such as appreciation, care and compassion create an ordered harmonious pattern, indicating the brain and nervous system are in sync. – this is known as a coherent heart rhythm

When you are in a coherent state you are increasing your resilience and your ability to manage yourself and that adds energy to your inner battery

When we are in a coherent state the neural signals from the heart to the brain improves decision making and performance

 Practicing regular heart math breathing helps stop energy draining and builds up our energy reserves and resilience.

 I teach a four week Inner Balance course to help you reach coherence.

Benefits include: reduced fatigue, the ability to maintain composure during challenging situations and facilitates the body’s natural regenerative processes.

Stress and negative emotions can limit our ability to think clearly, but by regulation your breathing pattern and sustaining positive emotions, benefits the whole body as well as how we think, feel and perform.

Using a biofeedback app and sensor allows you to see a real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state and learn to adapt to increase your self-awareness and to help you develop the ability to self regulate your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

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